DoTERRA Essential Oils

I’m an educator with DoTERRA essential oils and I LOVE using these oils, sharing them with others, and teaching about their powerful benefits.

Essential oils have been around for centuries…..

I first started using oils in my salon days, applying them during scalp massages, after wax treatments, and during massages, and I continue to use them after learning more about them.

What I was unaware of was there was a difference in essential oils quality!

I, as most, thought that they were all created equally.  But, I was wrong!  I did wonder why there were so many different brands and why they all never seemed to be a consistent aroma.  Let alone did I ever really experience that they did what they said they would or should do.  Therapeutic benefits….What is that???

Well, Lavender is a relaxing oil, right?  Well, while Lavender smells nice, I never experienced an oil to actually relieve stress and relax me.  Once I found the difference with a high-quality oil line I never looked back at trying other oil brands again.

You see, Lavender helps to lower stress not only in the mind but also in the body…so if your looking to support your adrenals then look no further.  Lavender also is soothing for cuts, burns, and bug bites.  It’s such a wonderful oil to reach for and every home needs this oil for life’s little emergencies!

I’m a HUGE fan of healthy living and is why I decided to close my salon business after 18 years and become a full time healer through my health coaching, massage, and education with essential oils.  I hope to achieve helping people detox their lives through their bodies and homes and freeing them of the toxic load that is all around us by using cleaner, safer, and very effective, high-quality essential oils.

“King of Essential Oils” – Frankincense is exactly that…the oil that can break the blood brain barrier to help with a multitude of benefits ranging from:
Nourishing the skin – aging, calming
Calming your mood
Sense of well-being, etc…and when you are in doubt of what oil to reach for…go to Frank!

Personally, I rarely go to the drugstore to look for ways to support myself or my family, we always look to nature! Honey, herbal tea’s, nettey pot, essential oils…it’s always been very effective to keep us from going to the doctors, co-pays, and the costs for these oils are pennies per drop!  My boys will reach for the bottles when they are looking for relief, it’s just a natural way in our home.  We know that they are quick and effective with no side effects.

Essential Oils know exactly what to do…they go to the root cause within our body!

Did you know essential oils are 50-70% times stronger and more effective than HERBS!

I have always had problems with focusing and staying on task so I love using the oils to help me finish my work, my goals, and they even support my mood all at the same time!  I use the essential oils for digestion and inflammation after a workout climbing the mountains here in Western Massachusetts!

Essential oils have powerful complex versatile chemicals that are found in plants that have physical and emotional components.  Isn’t that amazing that the plants have emotional benefits to support our well-being?  Don’t forget that most household items can be swapped out with essential oils for safer non-toxic and cost-effective products.  These oils are also Food Grade so you are able to ingest the one’s that are intended for consumption.

Classes are offered where I teach why and how to use the essential oils and where individuals can “Make and Take” oils home to get started using Natural Solutions in their homes.

Let’s go back to nature like we were meant to have!!!!

Contact me at to learn more about the essential oils I love to use…or visit my website and learn how you can save 25% off all purchases!


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