Individual Coaching

Individual sessions will improve your health and happiness as we focus on just YOU, your goals, and your unique body needs.  Together we will explore this through your Initial Consultation which will include a health history, symptoms you’re experiencing, diet history, and your goals.  There is NO pre-determined diet or food plan, it’s based on YOUR body and YOUR needs.  You will have time to share with me your health challenges and where you are today.

We will then customize a plan to help you reach your goals with steps to start you on the road of a healthier version of you!  The cost of a Health Consultation is $79  $59.

Your personalized program will address:

  • Setting and obtaining goals
  • Understanding the root cause of your symptoms and illness
  • Exploring new foods to meet your body’s needs
  • Increasing your energy
  • Understanding how cravings work and why
  • Why your body may not be optimal in nutrients by the foods you’re eating

Critical nutrients are required to maintain balance within the body. by supporting the body with key nutrients to avoid discomfort and illness.   When the body is flooded with nutrients to create balance the immune system is strong, we have a comfortable digestive tract, blood pressure that is perfect, and we are free of mood swings.  Yes, it is possible to do this through food!  I’ve seen it over and over with the right nutrients that supports each one of us in what OUR body may require, as we are all different.

Support Program Sessions 

  • Two (2) 50 minute counseling sessions per month (all via phone)
  • Email of educational information to help you with your goals, suggested CD’s, books, or other materials to support your growth and needs
  • Access to educational workshops, classes, cooking demos, and webinars.  Detox programs are ongoing to support clients…offered throughout the year, using Whole Food Nutrition and special detoxification supplement supports. Essential Oil Classes and Workshops – on-going in various locations throughout the year.  Check the event page for listings, I offer these in your home with friends, co-workers, and family as well…to support with removing toxins within your body and in your home
  • Email support between sessions to clarify any questions or concerns that may come up

Express Coaching – Eating Well Program

  • For someone who already eats healthy and leads a healthy lifestyle just may need a few tweaks to help with a symptom or health concern
  • For someone who needs to get back on track – jumpstart

Two (2)  Sessions– 45 minute each     OR    One (1) – 90 minute session

Three Month Coaching – Clean Up Program

  • For someone who needs more direction and understanding about food and their body, needs help with reading labels, or going gluten free or other questions that are confusing about today’s foods
  • For someone who has a health concern and is looking for the best way to support their body or maybe to reverse a condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol
  • For someone looking to gain energy

Six (6) Session – 50 minute – focusing on just YOU!

We can decide together which program would best suit your needs to gain maximum benefits.  Clients may continue after their determined program based on whether further support is needed.

Massage Services

Providing Integrative Nutritional Support via phone – location is never an issue! (See Coaching)

Massage Therapy@ Gaunya Chiropractic and Wellness Center
57 Main Street, Sturbridge MA 01566
Available Monday’s and Wednesday’s – Appointments call  774-289-6823


  • AromaTouch Technique $75
  • Deep Tissue Massage $75
  • Swedish Massage $65
  • Packages for AromaTouch Technique – Four (4) sessions @ $250.00 saving $12.50 per session!

What is AromaTouch???