Spring Forward Detox

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Imagine if you felt more alive?

Imagine if you felt lighter?

Imagine if you shed unwanted weight?

When was the last time you thought about the toxins in your body?

Feeling more alive starts by eating foods that naturally support and detox your body.

Spring is the PERFECT time to reset, renew, and detox your body.

It is time for you to do a…

“Spring Cleaning”

When you give your body the right foods, it will detox naturally and you will feel more alive. The body has an amazing ability to heal.

Do you feel?

  • Headaches
  • Low energy
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Skin conditions such as acne
  • Insomnia
  • Ulcers
  • Women’s health issues
  • Chronic Yeast Infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Eczema
  • Cancer
  • Excess weight
  • Diseases of the stomach
  • …and many more.


Your body may be carrying around 5 to 10 pounds of toxic waste, which slows down your ability to lose weight & that means SLOW metabolism! That’s right!


Join the Spring Forward Detox Program so you can have

Endless Energy

Ditch the Bloat

Clear Thinking

Join me for a 7 day detox to become educated and renewed with the truth of inflammation, toxins, and how the body creates disease.  Let’s explore how easily its changed by fueling our body to do no harm.  You can do this program from anywhere…all you need is a computer, IPad, laptop, or phone.

This program is yours to choose extra supports to help the body to recover for YOU to feel fantastic.  The Basic Package is for those who are already using Juice Plus+ or Doterra products/oils, it could also be for someone who wishes to do a basic detox.  *Note, that if your new to detoxing it IS advised to help support your body through the process, but isn’t necessary.  See below for the different packages available.

Spring Forward Detox includes all the supports listed below without calorie counting or strict diet plans, you will be able to eat Real Foods that are high in nutrients and full of energy for your body to feel amazing.

All materials will be sent out by email on April 13th for you to review and get familiar with, once your orders go through you will receive a Welcome Letter that will also have your private Facebook Group link.  I suggest that once your receive your supplements (Juice Plus+ or LLV from Doterra) start taking them.  More details will be explained during your Kick Off Call on April 17th, don’t miss the call.  Your pre-detox will start on April 17 the

 Detox will begin on Monday, April 25th


Here’s what I’ve put together for you:


Your Detox Guide Includes the Following:

  • A Welcome Letter Cause I love you already
  • Conference Kick Off Call
  • Pre & Post Detox Questionnaire
  • Detox Program Template
  • The Spring Forward Detox Guide & Meal Plan
  • Private Facebook page to support, share, and cheer for each other
  • The Spring Forward Recipe Guide:
  • 10 smoothiesGuacamoleIngredients
  • 11 juices
  • 4 dips and dressings
  • 10 Meals in the Raw
  • 5 Meals Cooked
  • 4 Raw Soups
  • 4 Warm Soups
  • 3 Dressings
  • 4 Snacks & Bites
  • 4 Desserts
  • The Spring Transition Recipe Packet & Food Diary
  • Post Detox aka Life After Detox Handouts
  • Eating for Energy: Intro to SuperFoods
  • Eating Out 101
  • Low Glycemic Eating
  • Shopping List & Blank Meal Planner in Excel
  • 16 Days of Online Support Emails from your Favorite Health Coach to make your Detox as easy as 1-2-3

Hear what other past participants had to say:

Liz  ~ it feels good eating foods that are actually good for me, I notice a huge difference and its not as hard as I thought it would be!  Thank you


Kathy ~I am down another 4 lbs….total now is 22lbs since the detox a week ago ended.  This is my lowest weight in 6 years!!!  And, I was never hungry!


Lisa ~I am very grateful and thankful to you Kim for the guidance and support you gave me through this detox.  It was just what I needed to get myself back on track.  My energy is high, I’m able to focus, I feel sharp, and I am sleeping so sound.  One another note, I did find out that I have a sensitivity to lemons 🙁  not happy about that, as I love lemon!  I would not have ever suspected as it showed up later in the day…through this detox I was able to pin point it! Thanks again!

When you have completed the Spring Forward Detox, life will never be the same cause you will have:

  • Shiny Hair + Glowing Skin
  • Reduced cravings
  • More Energy
  • No mood swings
  • Let go of old patterns
  • Cleansed all the unwanted toxins
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Lost unwanted weight


YOU WILL be glowing!


What are you waiting for?

Pick YOUR Package:

Option #1  ~  Spring Forward Detox Basic

  • Buy all of the above with me as your cheerleader, coach, and your number one fan, to support your needs to be successful during the detox program – your cost $89 with 20 minutes of individual coaching time, before or after the program, your choice!   Buy NOW

Option #2 ~  Spring Forward Detox Juiced


  • Your materials for the detox will be $39 with the order of Juice Plus+ shakes or whole food supplementation. *you must purchase either product to receive this discounted price for the detox of $39 price includes all materials and 30 minutes of individual coaching time with me, before or after the program, your choice when!

Spring Forward Detox Juiced pay here  

Options # 3 ~  Spring Forward Detox Oiled

  • Purchase products to support your body while doing your detox program this package requires you to order the list below and once your order is placed you will need to confirm your order number with me to receive your Spring Forward Detox Materials all for FREE!!!!  Support time with me for 1 hour will also be totally FREE.  Here is the list you will need to order:

Life Long Vitality

PB Assist

Zendocrine Detoxification Complex


Lemon Essential Oil

  • Spring Forward Detox Materials listed above
  • Conference call
  • Coaching one on one with me, your coach
  • plus all your products for your detox program

Retail costs of the products above = $353.34 plus shipping and tax or purchase the Cleanse and Restore Retail kit at $259.93 plus shipping and tax. 

Total RETAIL Oil Detox Package $517.34  Pay at Wholesale $195

HERE you can save money on the Cleanse and Restore Kit at $195. plus shipping and tax when you receive a wholesale account to save 25%  off all future products orders.  Let’s order your Cleanse and Restore Kit with membership hurry to ensure you receive your products in adequate time for the Spring Forward Detox.  YOU will  SAVE $303.18  contact me NOW to learn how essential oils can support your detox program kimbrown.healthcoach@gmail.com or 774-289-6823.